What they are saying
"Six Degrees worked on a few training videos for us. Working with the team was easy as they delivered the right video and it was on time. We were also provided with creative solutions. I highly recommend their professional services to others."
Juno | Research Assistant, Lebanon Oil and Gas
What they are saying
"I had a lot of trouble with Content management systems provided by different companies. With Six Degrees the experience was totally different and amazing. I can now use the system and update my website any time I want to plus it is easy to learn. Thanks ! "
Roger Malik | COO, Herrawi Events
What they are saying
"Our social media page needed a lot of changes. Six Degrees revamped our social media campaign for us and now we have more 30% more interaction with our customers. A lot of good work from the Six degreees team."
Richard Mendis | Chief Marketing Officer, GE
What they are saying
"Six Degrees helped us in launching our new online store. Even though we are a start-up company the ease of shopping cart on the website has helped in boosting sales. All because of the professional team of Six Degrees."
Kevin | Social Media Manager, Sting Energy Drink
What they are saying
"Six Degrees has the right guys. The work is amazing and you do not have to explain much in terms of development. The team provides excellent mobile apps according to customer needs."
Muhammad Hisham | Accountant, Shell
What they are saying
"Our new website is not just amazing, it is easy to handle too. Thanks Six Degrees for all the efforts."
Laura Krovlev | Project Manager, ITV
What they are saying
"I was given task of getting content developed for our website and blogs and Six Degrees did it for our company very professionally. We will be coming back for more development and design work."
Raj Kumar | Project Engineer, El Alami
What they are saying
"Six Degrees designed an interactive website for us. The feedback was provided to us at every level so there were no coordination issues. The work was amazing."
Nancy | Marketing Manager, Foodpanda
What they are saying
"Selecting the final design was easy for our website as Six Degrees provided us with many design options and helped us in short listing a masterpiece. I highly recommend them for any website design and development task."
Gwen Hicks | Project Manager, Haleeb


How Mobile Applications Increase the Use of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are slowly getting its popularity because of the fact that there are many people nowadays who are choosing to do all of their transactions through their phones. The sale of simple cellular phones increased by 17% within the years while with the Smartphones, it gained over 50% based on the 2009 results. As the first quarter of 2010 entered, mobile phone distributors have sold about 50 million Smartphones, which makes the sale higher than the previous years.

Since Smartphones are readily available, it has made an impressive impact towards the trends technologically and socially. It is given that most people nowadays are not settled with just receiving and sending messages through their phones or for calling purposes but they use it as a necessity. Because almost anything can be accessed through the Smartphones, these gadgets are never forgotten wherever the owners would go. It has been treated as the best alternative that people have instead of using their computers.

How Smartphones did Such a Difference with Mobile Phone Users

There are many things that Smartphones can do nowadays. Calling, messaging and taking pictures are some of the basic functions that a mobile phone can provide but there are more things that a mobile can do. Aside from the mentioned practices, the Smartphone would not be that useful without the use of mobile applications. A mobile application is a software designed for mobile phone users specifically. With the use of the software, applications can run through mobile phones and make it possible to allow users to make use of their phones like a portable computer.

Through out the years these applications have evolved continuously, which is now offering a user experience that is faster and richer. With this experience, users are able to browse for whatever purpose they may have and make sure that they are able to get the one suited for their needs conveniently. Such user experience entices the interest of more people to get their own phones and download apps that will make their usage as easy as possible.

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